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Why Should I Share My Story on

Great question. Your peers come to to get the facts on a wide range of mental health topics and read real stories from others who have navigated the difficulties of life. Sharing the story of how you got through or are getting through a tough time can really help and inspire your peers to take the steps or seek the help they need. There are so many different ways to cope with mental health challenges, and we can never have enough unique points-of-view––aka we'd love to have your story on our site! Because no one says it like you. 

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How Do I Get Started?

It's simple. Write your story out and send it to so we can get you published! Try to keep your story between 300-600 words.

Here are a few more guidelines that most of our stories on the site follow. These may help you think about the best way to organize your story.

1. Introduce yourself and your story (intro)

Instructions: No last names or anything private, just a little bit of info so readers can see if they have anything in common with you––remember, Reachout is for 14-24 year-olds and we concentrate on peer support.

2. What is/was your tough time? (adversity)

Instructions: You will want to let those who will be reading your story understand what the difficulty was that you worked through, but go easy on the drama.

3. How did you get through it? (story perseverance)

Instructions: What got you through the tough time? Were there things you did or didn’t do? What’s the one message you would like to leave with the person who listens to your story?

4. How might you sum up? (conclusion)

Instructions: Maybe just a sentence or two that lets the reader know that you made it (or are making it) and feel confident he or she can too, or communicate in some other way a sense of hope.

Remember to keep your story between 300-600 words and email

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